Collocation in China

Looking for a data center space in china? We will reduce your collocation costs and save you hours of work. Our expertise is knowing china Data center market very well to secure low power costs and collocation space. As Data center consultants, we deal directly with Chinese Carrier's Data center management on a volume basis and get wholesale rate lower than the rate you can negotiate directly.

IP Connection in China

IP connection market in china is very confusion. from small agent to tier1 telecom carrier all provide this service. the price also various from dollars per M to hundred dollars per M. what is the right connection and right price? We are here for you to find the right one.

ICP Application in China

An ICP (Internet Content Provider) license is a state-issued registration number that allows you to host your website on a mainland Chinese server. All sites hosted on a server in the Chinese mainland must, by law, apply for the ICP license.

Apply a ICP license in china can be seen as messy, difficult and extremely confusing for you but, in fact, the process is quite straight forward. we will hold your hand through the whole registration process from the very beginning to final step-be issued an ICP license. 

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